Learn the fundamentals of storytelling and writing to enhance your creative development. About this event Topic: Context in Storytelling Explore the context in story writing as it relates to Environment(Storyworld), Engagement(Audience) and Culture(Impact). This 1 hour virtual seminar with Creative Development Coach – Seantelle White, uncovers insight, on “The “4 C’s” of Storytelling:More

Storytelling content that connects | Wayne Quilliam, digital creator

How to create storytelling content that really connects | Wayne Quilliam, Aboriginal artist and digital creator About this event In a digital world, storytelling is the stuff high growth brands are made of. Join us to explore storytelling and content creation with Wayne Quilliam, Aboriginal artist, storyteller and digital creatorMore

Storytelling Workshop with Anisa Nandaula

Join poet, educator, and community organiser, Anisa Nandaula for this online workshop on personal storytelling through spoken word poetry an About this event Anisa will teach participants how to explore their own stories and find power in their personal narrative. The workshop will traverse literary techniques and performance techniques thatMore