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“…we need big stakes for our protagonists. The weight of literally saving the world doesn’t have to be on their shoulders, but figuratively, it should be.” In the January/February 2022 issue of Writer’s Digest, Sharon Short writes about how to get your readers to care about your protagonist – inMore

How to write gender fluid characters

About this event Ines G Labarte is a lecturer in creative writing at the University of Wolverhampton. As a freelance writer, editor and translator, she has collaborated with institutions such as Notting Hill Editions, The Northwest Literary Salon, Litro Magazine, Lancaster Litfest, and more. Other experience in the writing andMore

Free Yourself to Write with Jan Fishler

Make writing ANYTHING faster, easier and more fun. Learn 10 tools to tap into your subconscious. About this event Plagued by the dreaded white pages (writer’s block)? Want to be sure it never happens to you? Join me for an hour to discover tools to let your subconscious do theMore

IMAGINATION WORKSHOP- Revision Tips for Your Picture Book

Writing a draft of a story in your head is often the easy part. About this event Writing a draft of a story in your head is often the easy part. The hard part is revising that story until it’s the best possible version of itself. Join Pat Miller, publishedMore