How to Write for Children and Young Adults

How to write for children & YA. Topics include different age categories, writing tips, how to get an agent & feedback for your writing. About this event Join us for an online Zoom lecture with local YA author Eric Bell! He will give us an overview of basic writing skillsMore

Boston Book Festival- YA- Memoir Keynote

About this event Screenwriter and activist George M. Johnson’s 2020 book All Boys Aren’t Blue was a “memoir-manifesto,” offering young people, especially queer Black boys, a testimony of Johnson’s own adolescent experiences blended with reflections on gender identity, consent, toxic masculinity, and Black joy. Their new memoir, We Are Not Broken, is similarly bothMore

Boston Book Festival- YA- Classics Remixed

About this event This fall, Macmillan launched an exciting new YA project, lining up some of the most talented authors for teens to “remix” works of classic literature and reinterpret them through their own cultural lenses, creating culturally relevant YA novels that make those dusty tomes feel brand-new. The firstMore