The Fall 2021 issue of The Common will feature a portfolio on migration, disorientation, and complicated relationships to “place” in the Arabian Gulf. Submissions are sought from writers who grew up in this region.

The Call

What little literature is available about the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) tends to dramatize the harsh working conditions of construction workers or house maids; what is often left out is the more pervasive experience of middle class itinerancy…

Rather than being divided in the classic diasporic model, caught between two distinct cultures and equally marginalized in each, the Gulf has birthed an entire generation of third-culture kids with roaming lifestyles. The Common’s Fall 2021 Gulf portfolio will examine these themes of millennial nomadism, civic detachment, pliable identities, and other themes, as made possible by the Arabian Gulf.

In collaboration with guest co-editor Noor Naga.

About The Common

The Common is a literary organization whose mission is “to deepen our individual and collective sense of place.”

It is based at Amherst College in Amherst MA and publishes “works that embody particular times and places—literature and art powerful enough to reach from there to here—and feature new and underrepresented voices from around the world.”


$3 per submission.

More Information

Application info


PHOTO: Construction of skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates |  Mostafa Meraji on Unsplash

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