Jane YolenThe September/October 2021 issue of Writer’s Digest carries an interview with Jane Yolen, aptly titled ‘The Queen of Kidlit.’ In March this year, the prolific children’s writer released her 400th published book, a picture book titled Bear Outside.

Yolen has been publishing books for about five decades now. Her first two books came out in 1963.

One of the questions she was asked in the interview was, “How often does someone ask an astonishingly specific question about a book from long, long ago?”

In her response, she casually lets us all in on how crazy her work schedule is. If you are struggling with finishing one book, this will hopefully inspire you; “No as much as you’d think,” she responded. “But when that happens, I’m truthful. I say, ‘I don’t remember the book because it’s so old.’ Plus I’m very involved in about two dozen picture books, and poems and a novel right now. That’s where all my brainpower is.”

We had to read that bit a few times ourselves. Wow. So that’s how you get to 400 published books.

To end her response, Yolen, said; “Honestly, I’m always moving forward. I’m like a great white shark- you have to keep moving or your die.”

In the interview she talks about other issues that fellow writers would find very useful; how she repurposes manuscripts that don’t sell, how she deals with critics, and the social responsibilities of writers

You can find out more about Writer’s Digest on their website.

Jane Yolen was interviewed by Ryan G. Van Cleave for Writer’s Digest.

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