Straw Dog Writers Guild has put out a call for poetry and literary prose inspired by and related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the details they have provided:

In an attempt to keep our community connected during these isolating times, we hope to give writers a platform to express their personal responses to life inside the Coronavirus pandemic. This is not to say that your work must specifically use the words pandemic, Corona virus or COVID-19. We seek writing that reflects this unique time for you and your community, from Straw Dog members and residents of Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, and Berkshire counties.

Submissions will be published on their website each week. Preference is given to unpublished, original work. Previously published work will be considered with acknowledgements.


  1. There is no submission fee.
  2. Open to poets and literary prose writers who are Straw Dog members and to residents of Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin, and Berkshire counties.
  3. Submissions must relate to life during the Covid-19 pandemic. This does not mean that your work must specifically use the words pandemic, Corona virus, or Covid-19. What we care most about is writing that reflects this unique time.
  4. Writers retain all rights to their work.
  5. Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please notify us right away if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  6. Writers whose work appears in the Straw Dog Writers Guild newsletter, website, or the SDWG Facebook page understand that their work may be considered “previously published” by future magazines or organizations.


  1. You may submit up to three pieces which must be received as one paginated, doc, or .docx document.
  2. Your name and email should appear at the top of each page.
  3. Use 12pt type in either Times New Roman or Garamond. Prose should be double-spaced.
  4. Include bio of 50 words (which includes county of residence and whether or not you are a Straw Dog Writers Guild member).
  5. No more than three poems or prose pieces per submission.
  6. Submissions may include a mix of poetry and literary prose.
  7. Maximum length for poetry is three pages per poem.
  8. Literary prose should not exceed 500 words. Literary prose includes first-person perspective, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, speculative fiction, fiction-fiction, epistolary writing, etc.
  9. Send your submissions to [email protected].
  10. Please put “Pandemic Project” and your last name in the subject line.
  11. At the time of submission, you should receive an automatic reply that we have received your document. If you do not receive an automatic reply, please contact us by email at [email protected].
  12. We are unable to provide critique of your work.
  13. If we accept your work for publication, subsequent submissions may be considered, but preference will go to writers not yet published by the Pandemic Poetry and Prose project of Straw Dog Writers Guild.

More information is available on their website.


PICTURE: Social distance shopping in Hadley MA, April 23, 2020 | FungaiFoto for Massachusetts Pictures.

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